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9.4.2021 BONO JR....

We got some new photos or Bono Jr....he develops in a lovely dog.
Thank you to his owner Denisa for her care.

London´s fog King of my Heart
owner: Denisa Tišliarová

London´s fog King of my Heart - Bono jr.


Our two breedings - Dante and Bono jr. live in Bratislava and regularly meet during their walks and enjoy each other.

London´s fog King of my Heart - Bono jr. | London´s fog Know all - Dante

8.4.2021 EMMA ....4,5 MONTHS OLD

Our little Emma develops nicely, she has very cheerful and friendly character. I do believe she is going to be a huge addition to our kennel.
Goia Emma Almir´s Family - kennel Almir´s Family, Zuzana Augustiniová -

3.4.2021 A TRIP....

A lovely walk with our Whippets during the Easter holidays to a prospect - Borovice v Bátovciach.

1.4.2021 HELENKA AND VIVI...

We got some new photos of our Helenka - London´s fog Heavenly Helena. She is three years old now and we hope she will become mother this year. She grew up into a beautiful dog lady. Thank you Mirka and Kamil Palovičov for the photos.

We also recieved new photos from Finland of our two years old Vivi - London´s fog Iconic Vivienne. She enjoys company of her family and she is doing very well.

London´s fog Heavenly Helena | London´s fog Iconic Vivienne

23.3.2021 FEW PHOTOS OF OUR "Ks"

Puppies from our last litter are doing well and sedn us regular updates and photos...

Kiss Me | Knock Knock

Knight of the Night | Kudos to You


Puppies sired by our Bono (London´s fog Head Over Heels) were born in kennel Letný Úsvit. There are 7 puppies - one boy and six girls. Mum and babies are doing fine. All the puppies are booked.
London´s fog Head Over Heels & Fran Fine Czari Falka...


In the begining of March puppies will be born by Bono and Fran Fine Czári Falka. Pregnancy is already confirmed. In case of interest in a puppy from the litter, please contact the breeder Monika Mináriková,
Pedigree: HERE

21.1.2021 WELCOME EMMA!

I'd like to introduce new member of our pack. Lovely young girl called Emma - her whole name is Goia Emma Almir´s Family. She is a daughter of our Bono and lovely Casiopea (who is daughter of our breeding London´s fog Calendar Girl). She is a beauty and happy being, I do have hopes in her!

Thank you to Zuzana Augustinova (kennel Almir´s Family) for your trust.

21.1.2021 "K" LITTER

Also our puppies from litter "K" are doing great. Blue, Bono jr. and Dante live in Bratislava and they see each other during walks together. The boys have chance to play with each other and their owners share their experience.
Huge thanks for your photos and care.

Bono jr., Dante, Blue | Keen Mind

Kiss Me | Knock Knock | Kudos To You | King-heartet Soul

21.1.2021 "J" PUPPIES

During the last days we recieved several photos or our puppies from the litter "J". Thank you to the owners for their care of the babies.

Jack-a-Dandy - family Simonik
July Miracle - family Galčíková
Jackie Black Rose - family Krpenálová
Jack-O-Lantern - family Gumanová

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