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NEWS 2019

19.12.2019 Sad news....

It was a very sad day for us at the London's Fog kennel. Our beloved Angelina went over the rainbow bridge. She was born in our first litter and she got my hear right from the start. She was an extraordinary dog in many way, kind and peaceful, very friendly towards human and other dogs as well.... We will miss you forever...

MultiCh.InterCh.London´s fog Angel´s Dream
20.12.2004 - 19.12.2019

10.12.2019 Vicky and puppies.

At the begining of the year 2020 we plan a litter by our Vicky. This years she is making us very anxious and we are waiting for her heat :)

06.-08.10.2019 3x CACIB Nitra, SVK

London´s fog Head Over Hells - Exc.1, CAC
Sade Minori ad Majus - Exc.3

20.11.2019 Our Belgian Shephers Malinois

Besides whippets, we also have at home the two beauties of the belgian shepherd. They both are from the working lines and in the future we would like to also breed with them.

Vera z Ladsteina, *14.12.2018
Artuš Red Devils Dog & Neva z Ladsteina
Breeder: Ladislav Stein, SVK

Zara z Ladsteina, * 15.01.2019
Irs z Lounského chovu & Orshi z Ladsteina
Breeder: Ladislav Stein, SVK

15.11.2019 London´s fog Head Over Heels - nour new stud dog...

At the end of August our black male Bono passed the breeding check. Bono is a softer male with lovely movement, nice angulation and lines. His exterior is very old-english-looking, which pleases us very much. Bono má nameraných pekných 50cm, čo je v dnešnej dobe veľkých whippetov jeho veľké plus...
He has got a very friendly and non conflicted character.

29.9.2019 We have chosen the stud dog for our Vicky...

We plan puppies for the begining of 2020. Dam will be our black beauty Ch.London´s fog Flawless Felicity "Vicky". We chose a handsome young male with fabulous pedigree for her - Maestro Mafiosi Toomie Trishel. Mafin was born in the Czech Republic, but his sire Falconcrag Master Class is from UK and his dam Boxing Helena's Oranges and Lemons is from Belgium. His sire Falconcrag Master Class is also sire of our H litter, which tourned out very well into an old english type.
I believe that also puppies by Vicky and Mafin will have wonderful exterior and lovely character by their parents.

Fotky: Iveta Novotná, Toomie Trishel Whippets

15.09.2019 Regional Dog Show Žilina

London´s fog Graceful Ballerina - Exc.1, Class Winner and Regional winner
Owner: Katarína Lazorová
Judge: Gabriela Ridarčíková

24.-25.8.2019 Club shows Mojmírovce

This weekend we took a part at club shows organised by our Sighthound club. Our dogs did very well.
Our 4 years old daughter was entered for the very first time in a competition "Child & dog" together with our black beauty Bono. They did very good and Julka and Bono were 3rd on Satuday and 2nd on Sunday :)
Our Bono was also measured and passed the breeding check - London´s fog Head Over Heels - 50cm.

24.8.2019 Sighthound Club Show Mojmírovce, Slovakia
London´s fog Head Over Heels - Exc.1, CAC
Sade Minori ad Majus (15 months old, breeder: Maria Gondek) - VG
London´s fog Hushed Secret (owner: Patrícia Kosecová) - Exc.2, r.CAC
London´s fog Heavenly Helena (owner: Kamil Palovič) - Exc.3
Judge: Ian Finney, IRL

25.8 2019 Crystal Sighthound Specialty Show, Slovakia
London´s fog Head Over Heels - Exc.1, CAC
Sade Minori ad Majus - Exc.2, r.CAC
Ch.London´s fog Flawless Felicity - Exc.2, r.CAC
London´s fog Hushed Secret - Exc.2, r.CAC
London´s fog Heavenly Helena - Exc.4
Judge: Jean Louis Grunheid, FR

London´s fog Head Over Heels

Sade Minori ad Majus | Ch.London´s fog Flawless Felicity

Many thanks for the photos to Kristínka Bachanova

6.-7. 7.2019 2x CACIB DOG FESTIVAL Veľká Ida

London´s fog Hushed Secret - Exc.1 CAC & Exc.2
New Slovak Junior Champion!

photo: Patricia Kosecova

14.6.2019 European Dog Show Wels, Austria

Our London´ s fog Head Over Heels got "very good" in junior class because he was still not fully matured for the judge.
London´s fog Gifted Gamlber was shown in open class and was "Excellent".
Our Ch.London's fog Flawless Felicity was shown in champion class and got Exc.2nd & r.CACA (7 bitches in the class)
Judge: Järvinen Kari, FIN

Ch.London's fog Flawless Felicity

25.-26.05.2019 2x CACIB & 1x CAC Miskolc, H

London's fog HUSHED SECRET:
1. Exc.1 HPJ, BOJ
2. Exc.1 HPJ
3. Exc.1 HPJ
New Hungarian Junior Champion!
Congratulations to his owner Patrícia Kosecová!

4.-5.5.2019 2x CACIB Lucenec

London´s fog Head Over Heels - Exc.2
Sade Minori ad Majus - Exc.2
London´s fog Hushed Secret (owner: Patricia Kosecova)- Exc.3
London’s fog Gifted Gambler (owner: Kristina Bugyiova) - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
Judge: Fintorová, SVK

27.-29.4.2019 2x CACIB Croatia Dalmatia show:

Jch. London´s fog Glamorous Ginger, owner: Jozef Marek
29.04.2019, judge: Åke Cronander
Open class (4) Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG3

27.04.2019, judge: John Muldon (IE)
Open class (4) Exc.1, CAC, CACIB

Photo by Åke Cronander


All our puppies from litter "I" are with their new families. We plan our next litter in 2020...


10 weeks have gone so fast and two of our babies already left to their new homes. Little Irish Nymph went to Czech Republic (Decin) and Ivory Coast went to Slovak Lupeč.
We wish them great life with their new families.


They grow up very well and love to explore the world.

London´s fog Ice Reef & London´s fog Ivory Coast

London´s fog Iconic Vivienne

2. 1. 2019

Puppies were 4 weeks old on Thurday and we did a few stacking photos.
They did so well and look very promising.

London´s fog Ice Reef & London´s fog Ivory Coast

London´s fog Iconic Vivienne, Lonodn´s fog Irish Nymph & London´s fog Iron Felicity


National Dog Show Bratislava - 24. 2. 2019
Judge: Mr. Oleg Fintora (SK)
London's fog Gifted Gambler, champion class - Exc.1, CAC and also a fresh SLOVAK CHAMPION
owner: Kristina Bugyiova
London's fog Hushed Secret - Exc.1 CAJC, JBOB, JBOG!
owner: Patrícia Kosecová

Champion of Champions Slovakia 2018 - 23. 2. 2019
Judge: Harsányi Peter (H)
London´s fog Celestial Ray - Exc.1 and Victory veteran Winner!
owner: Renata Darebníková

Champion of Champions Austria 2018 - 23. 2. 2019
London´s fog Canny Lad - Exc.1 and Veteran champion 3th place
owner: Julia Willitzheimer

I am happy and congratulations to the owners and thank you!

London´s fog Hushed Secret | London´s fog Gifted Gambler | London´s fog Gifted Gambler | London´ s fog Canny Lad


They are growing up very well and try start to stand on 4 legs, soon they will be running around.
A few photos from the whelping box.


Our puppies are 10 days old and doing very well as well as their mum Vicky.
All were given names already.

London´s fog Ice Reef - black and white boy
London´s fog Ivory Coast - white boy with sandy marks

London´s fog Iconic Vivienne - blue & white girl
Lonodn´s fog Irish Nymph - blue & white girl
London´s fog Iron Felicity - blue & white girl

London´s fog Ice Reef | London´s fog Ivory Coast

London´s fog Iconic Vivienne | Lonodn´s fog Irish Nympha | London´s fog Iron Felicity


Vicky gave birth to 5 puppies - 3 girls and 2 boys.
Mum and her pups are doing very well.

25.-26.1.2019 2x CACIB NITRA

London´s fog Head Over Heels, junior class - 2x Excellent 2
Judge: Louis Dehaes (BE) and Tamás Jakel (HU)
Thank you Hanka Valentova for the photos.


Vicky completely ignored our carefully planned long trip and went into her heat a week later than expected. The family and house duties require our attention at 110% and all the alternatives for the postponed long trip we considered simply did not work well in spite of great effort on both sides. But Juke stays as a prospective sire for one of future litters in our minds and plans. For now, we can look forward to puppies out of classic lines sired by Coral Reef Silky Karim.

Pedigree: HERE

Coral Reef Silky Karim


Juliet went over the rainbow bridge 2 weeks after his 14th birthday.
Many thanks to Gertraud Milz for giving Juliet a loving home.

London´s fog Altamor Juliet
20.12.2004 - 4.1.2019

3.1.2019 SLOVAKIA DOG CUP 2018

Since the end of 2018 we know the results of top show dog competiton in Slovakia - DOG CUP.
This year the best was London´s fog Gifted Gambler. Mignon was shown at 8 shows ans his results are:

1st place dog Whippet in Slovakia
3rd place Whippet in Slovakia<
6th place Sighhound FCI X.

Congratulations to his owner Kristinka and thank you for representing our kennel so well.
Photo by Kristína Bugyiova

Complete results at:

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